Great stories are measured in an ability to convey passionate living through character complexity and motivation, captivating settings and uncanny relevance.

And great storytellers write what they know.

It was a casual Saturday morning claiming a standing brunch reservation in our favorite spot. Classically reminiscent of iconic friendships that have come before us, no topic had been left uncovered. Work. School. Mutual friends. Upcoming events. Boys. The perfect portrait of five girls in one city doing life together the best way we know how; the “Pink Ladies” of our generation. Each unique smile around the table comes with her own personality, goals, ambitions and quirks. The one thing we have in common is that Charleston is the city of our dreams. These streets have celebrated our accomplishments, comforted us in disappointment, offered a playground for our adventures and been the picture perfect setting for our post grad lives.

And just like that, Cobblestone Diaries was born.

You want complexity? Imagine balancing a full time nanny job while getting a BACC in medical laboratory science and… casually training for a marathon. Motivation? How many twenty-somethings do you know that are on the top of the ladder in their department two years after graduation? And there is nothing more captivating than an all access pass to Seabrook with a marine life expert whose passion for coastal living is nothing short of contagious; or seeing the streets of historical downtown Charleston through the eyes of an artist. As for relevance… that part is up to you.

This is our unapologetic Kodak opportunity to make a place amongst the history that sleeps in every crack in the cobblestone of this Holy City. These are the girls that color the corners of my favorite memories.

This is what I know. And this is our story.


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