While I Was Out

Three years ago (in January) I moved to the city of my dreams. A “kingdom come” kind of place full of beauty, history, promise, and yes… cobblestone.

I prematurely left a little mountain town full of dear friends for the opportunity of a lifetime- to be “finally Charlestonian.”

Being the new girl in a new city with no pre-existing roots has both allure and challenge. You always leave 20 minutes earlier than you should in case you get lost. You come up with creative ways to remember the names of large groups of people. You put on a brave face and save the fear for a daily phone call to mom.

And you pray for “just one person” that feels familiar.

If you are lucky, you walk into a dreamy job behind the iron gate of a beautiful historic building and you catch your breath as you step through the courtyard towards the next three years of your life. That morning, divine intervention will have stepped in and given Kleckley Legare a serious case of car issues. The “new girl” version of yourself will offer to give her a ride because, let’s be real, you have no plans and James Island sounds interesting.

And just like that, the city of your dreams becomes home. Four girls become the sisters you never had. And like any great family, they welcome you, they show up for you, and they color your life with a friendship even a wordster cannot justly portray.

It’s a dream come true.

The recent “white noise” status of Cobblestone Diaries can only be explained in one way- it is incredibly hard to write a diary (that people read) when you are wrestling with dreaming another dream.

This week, I was offered another opportunity of a lifetime- to be the new marketing manager for a stunning music venue called Iron City in Birmingham… as in Alabama.

Cue scared, excited, bright-eyed Lowndes from three years ago. The difference? Cobblestone.

Just like actual cobblestone, we have history. My Charleston memories have been built to withstand the wear-and-tear of time.  These girls will always fit. And they will make the road ahead one I can confidently travel- even with the occasional “cobble wobble.”


To the fact that your favorite blog now features dual-locations.

To road trip playlists that need to be 7 hours long.

To tasting new queso and swearing they do it better at La Caretta.

To finding a new nail salon and them not having your color… yet.

To being late, lost and flustered and knowing it won’t last long.

To Facetime and discounted flights and having a weird area code.

To opportunities that make your heart skip a beat and the people who know it.

To dreaming new dreams, and cherishing the old.

To Cobblestone Diaries and enjoying the ride because, as a legendary girl once told me, “Life would be a bore without the ups and downs.”



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