PDA: Public Display of Aggression

A recent Cobblestone trip to Jeni’s Ice Cream left us witnesses to a severe case of couple angst gone wrong. In reality, we should have chosen an alternate corner as soon as we heard the 90-pound girl say, “I feel so fat in this outfit” to her unsuspecting boyfriend. But, then there wouldn’t be a blog post.

Like watching a wreck, we couldn’t help but look on as he anxiously tried to make “You look so thin with that double scoop waffle cone + sprinkles in your hand” sound convincing. The conversation ended in a dramatic storming of King Street as he joined the ranks of Marie Antoinette (Off with his head!)

While coping with our post-traumatic stress disorder, we dreamed up a few Charleston inspired “I’m Sorrys” that are a thousand times better than the predictable Rom-Com-inspired stuff he probably ended up resorting to. Take our word for it Mr. Insert-Foot-In-Mouth; you wont be sorry (for long).

The Taste of Forgiveness

Do: Purchase her favorite thing to eat.

Why: Because she’s not fat. And because you are super attentive to all of her favorite things.

Cobblestoned: Jeni’s (or Talenti) by the pint. Sweetwater Cafe for brunch (heavy on the hollandaise). Chick-fil-A (it’s your pleasure).

If Looks Could Kill (her anger)

Do: Locate a beautiful Lowcountry scene and use it to your advantage.

Why: You wanted her to have the best view in the city because you always do.

Cobblestoned: Sunset at the Battery. Botany Bay from a paddleboard. The Cooper River Bridge at basically any time of the day.

Sounds like Hallelujah

Do: Incorporate tunes.

Why: Everything sounds better to music.

Cobblestoned: Live music at Vendue. A well-planned driving soundtrack. Anything that involves The David Higgins Band.

Getting Out of the Dog House

Do: Love Animals

Why: Because you have a soul (despite your actions) and people with souls love dog-friendly activities.

Cobblestoned: Sully (Kleckley’s canine child) is your new favorite co-pilot. Enjoy the Farmer’s Market, Second Sunday on King Street or a walk on the beach with a fury friend in tow.


For best results we recommend mix and matching. 



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