10 Obnoxious Hashtags for the Perfect Day

Hashtag (n): a word or phrase proceeded by a hash and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic.

‘Cobblestone Diaries often uses a hashtag as commentary to the specific topic of living in the best city on the planet.’

Ya’ll know we can’t resist a good birthday celebration- and every millennial knows any great activity needs its own hashtag. The irony is this is Porter’s birthday hashtag. Any other CSD member would love the sing-songy nature of this personalized sentiment. Porter would be better suited with something like #ihatehashtags or #canwejustpaddleboard. Which is exactly why she got this one. The best part? She insta-shares it with a one year old’s first birthday (his mom planned a photoshoot to design his invitations and put them all on the gram) #epic

Two of our favorite couples joined us for our paddleboarding adventure. Former #MCM spotlight Macon + his better half, J Elliott & our other birthday girl, Bay Johnson + her main squeeze, Alexander Gadsen. They gracefully defy the stereotypes “couple friends.” We never have to witness excruciating fights, they can participate in activities without one another, and we LIKE to take couple pictures of them because they look so great together.

Oh yes, we went there. Dolphins are the trump card of all water activities.

Would you rather…
A. Splash around in the creek beside Red’s Ice House.

B. See a dolphin from atop your paddleboard and hope it comes back up so your friends can see it.

C. Swim with dolphins (plural- to include baby dolphins) in Shem Creek as the pelicans fly above your head towards a recently docked shrimp boat.

Answer: C

Porter: “You know how I knew it was going to be the perfect day? When we walked into Coastal Expeditions ‘Paranoia in B Flat Major’ was playing.” (that’s Porter’s favorite Avett Brothers song for those of you who are still getting to know us)

You only look out. If you occasionally experience coordination challenges like myself, looking down is just asking to end up in the water… but there are dolphins.

As if Nicholas Sparks himself was writing us into one of his too-good-to-be-true scenes; the ominous skies held out for our entire trip. Just as the last of our 13 had docked her paddleboard, a warm summer rain began. If you have never sipped a cold beverage underneath the tin roof of Red’s Ice House with your best friends during a summer storm, you haven’t lived.

It’s a Cobblestone tradition to begin each meal with something you’re thankful for. While most of our gratefulness was some version of “great weather”, “beautiful wildlife” and “the perfect day;” I think the prize for best answer goes to our kickball friend, SS York. His “I am thankful to kickball for bringing us together” brought a unanimous “aww” around the table. SS, we too cannot imagine the “perfect day” without you and Bennett Burns.

Kayaking Kleckley was the keeper of the dry bag. By default, she was also our photographer. Her dedication to capturing the dolphins was nothing short of a Disney World mom finding her daughter’s favorite princess. Also, I am not sure anyone has ever made a kayaking selfie look so good.

Jenni had to work during our adventure. We missed her; but she sent us with not one, but two pair of her chacos. Which leads me to the necessities of looking like you know what you are doing: Active wear that is quick drying. Chacos. Sunscreen and/or a hat. The perfect allusion to “sporty, paddleboard pro.” Just don’t try to give anyone else instruction. The outfit isn’t THAT effective.

To “identify” messages 1-9.

10470883_10204301745572360_3166043140249018003_oScreen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.03.50 PMphoto 3-15Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.36.42 PM

photo 4-2


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