Mr. Cobblestone Mondays featuring Captain America

If you don’t like George Strait, men who grill and all American studs- stop reading now.

Ladies who Tender within 30 miles of the Charleston area, you’re welcome. Cobblestone Diaries brought you Rutledge Morris this past weekend, and we completely understand your infatuation.

It seems only appropriate that the post-fourth of July diary post would highlight our favorite man in uniform. For his day job, Rutledge is a specialist for the United States Army (think Top Gun but with explosives). But don’t let his rough and tough, EOD-school-graduate exterior fool you- the only thing in danger with him around is a woman’s heart.

Simultaneously dreamy and grouchy, “ladies’ man” doesn’t quite do this Mr. America justice. When he is not defending our freedom, you can find him slow cooking ribs in Chubbies shorts, and sipping bourbon on the rocks to the tune of George Strait radio. And if you like a man who sings, his rendition of the Blue Bell ice cream theme song will have you actually envisioning his “mama hollering through the screen, ‘would you kids like some homemade ice cream?’”

He is an early-to-bed, early-to-rise, no-nonsenser who will put you in your place and tell you he loves you in the same breath. Enjoy shagging? One dance with this Southern gent will have you feeling like you won the lottery- and bonus points if he’s your wedding date (enjoy the resentment of every single girl in the room). The ultimate man’s man, he’s the heartthrob that will make your Mom swoon and your Dad say things like “Son, take care of her.”

We proudly salute the woman who finally lands our closeted romantic. She who captures the heart of this combat-pro can join the Cobblestone team any day.

And while he adamantly claims he doesn’t read Cobblestone Diaries, I’d say there is about a 98% chance there is a grinning officer in Fayetteville right now that is already missing his Southern belles. #mcm

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.24.18 PM


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