The Profile of a Broken Heart

Okay you cynic. I see you on the Nicholas-Sparks-sucks train sporting your best “I hate long walks on the beach” face. One look at my title and you probably thought “Oh, great! Another sobby story about a girl getting over her ex.” But wrong you would be, my friend. See, I am an advocate for not judging a post by its title… and I don’t even like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

This is not another 25 things to do when I’m 25 and this is my 25th break up article. The reality is, it’s been done. If you can dream up a breakup, someone in history has been there first. She probably went to happy hour with her four best friends and they never looked past the cause:  He was so charming and full of potential. Then he wasn’t. He didn’t know how to handle his own feelings. So, he forgot about yours. He got the last word, and he chose “Alrighty.” Or worse… you did and it wasn’t that nice. Maybe he needed too much; maybe he didn’t need enough.  Did he stop calling? Did he change his mind?  Were there things left unsaid? Anyone feeling better…?

We all know, no sane woman is clamoring to sign her name to the timeless ritual of feeling brokenhearted. But perhaps a closer look at the light at the end of that tunnel would change the way we saw things.  The Cobblestone Diaries happy hour table has spoken. We think it’s time Mr. Broken Heart updated his profile and got a better PR girl. (luckily, that’s my day job) So, we wrote him a personal ad:

Looking for a woman who is not afraid to reimagine her passions:

I can offer you a clean slate, a new love of adventure and the envy of every girl who has ever settled. Life with me only gets better from the moment we meet. I enjoy sunsets over the water, and any other activity that makes you feel alive and free. I have a way of making you appreciate what you have.  I’m a family and friends guy, so I tend to bring out the best in both. I believe in serendipity and perfect timing. When we outgrow each other, (and I should probably be up front that we will), I will only walk away when someone or something you love replaces me. FAIR WARNING: my past girlfriends have tended to end up with a better version of themselves after knowing me.

For references: please contact Cobblestone Diaries.

What can we say? He had us at


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