The Shopping Habits of a Twentysomething

Every girl who grew up in the 90’s has wished at some point in her life that Cher Horowitz’s virtual reality closet was, well, virtually a reality. There is nothing worse than needing an outfit for an event and leaving the store clueless.

This is where like-mindedness ends. Anyone who thinks group shopping is a bonding experience has never perused the sale rack with five different personalities. Or marathon shopped with Kleckley Legare.

Fashionistas across America can identify, you know you know that girl.

The Grab and Go

Kleckley can cover every corner of Target in about 20 minutes flat. Dressing rooms are a unnecessary stop. She frequently maxes out her “return without receipt limit” on her card. Her ability to systematically pack lawn furniture into the same shopping cart as a red, power-blazer & frozen chicken for dinner would make even the most seasoned soccer moms do a double take. Impulse buying and returning is her MO, but she always walks out with everything she needs. And, sometimes we get a baby pool for the backyard out of it.

The Justifiably Big Spender

Natalie is the kind of girl who could convince you to buy $50 worth of handmade, tobacco-scented soap because it’s a great hostess gift, and “it’s very local-chic.” Compelling, right? Find it here. Our Birmingham native has taught us you can never have too many little black dresses, and fur is a necessity (for that one sub 40-degree day in Charleston). She is the best cure you can find for buyer’s remorse.

The President of Procrastination Nation

Porter could make an Olympic Sport out of pulling together everything she needs for a wedding with just two hours until she is supposed to walk out of the door. She is infamous for trying on that bridesmaid dress for the first time the night before she packs and hoping she has shoes, jewelry and the appropriate undergarments to pull it off. Miraculously, she always manages to be just as lovely as the other four girls who were packed for this event a week ago. Although, the occasional “I forgot to get my nails done” Snapchat reminds us she’s human too.

The Carrie Bradshaw

Jenni likes her money where she can see it, on her feet. She believes shoes are the focal point of any well-put together outfit and a walk in hers would probably prove her right. The only kind of retail that brings her therapy is at the intersection of “strappy or wedge?”

The Goose Chaser

Confession: I am a sucker for the hard to get game. When I was in high school, I searched high and low for the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days dress for prom. In college, I spent three months finding the scarf from the dock scene in Sweet Home Alabama. Cotton’s Fabric of our Lives campaign? One look and I needed that Anthropologie knit from Hayden Pannettier’s closet that left her dancing around a bonfire on a tailgate. I am a situational fashion girl. I love stalking street style blogs. I think there is a perfect outfit for every single one of life’s moments, and I’m not afraid of a little challenge to find it. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet took hours of online investigation. But every time someone tells me they love my boots, you better believe it is worth every


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