Mr. Cobblestone Mondays

There are a lot of things we see differently as individuals. Cobblestone unanimity is a rare contender in an arena full of Lil Wayne vs. Mumford and Sons preferences. So when we were deciding who would be the founding father of Mr. Cobblestone Mondays, it should not go unnoticed that it took about 5 seconds to decide (one for each of us to say his name).

Meet Anderson Macon: Bourbon enthusiast, musical elitist, multi-generational Blue Hose, and all-around impressive gentlemen.

Some of us have known Anderson since he was taking his first sip of alcohol at 21 (there may have been diapers involved). Convicted & fun. We love it. Others of us know him purely from a post-grad perspective and like a good bottle of wine; he just gets better with age.

We give him a 10 on every discipline on the Mr. Cobblestone scale, and his mom a 20 for raising him that way. Anderson is the kind of guy who will sit on your parents’ couch and read your dad’s favorite Lou Holtz biography offering compelling feedback. In the same sentence he will agree to go to a wedding as your mom’s date when your dad can’t make it (yep, that actually happened).

He will help you move. He is always just a couple of blocks away to save you from a blind date gone wrong. He tirelessly decodes “boy” into things that make sense, and his opinion ranks in the top 5 when it comes to prospective candidates. He believes philosophical conversations are best had lakeside to the tune of The Avett Brother’s greatest hits. He knows the best way to cure a bad day is a bourbon and ginger- two limes. When it comes to Cobblestone Diaries disputes, a lesser man would run for the hills but Anderson makes diffusing bombs look like child’s play. And he is single-handedly the best dancer any of us have ever known. Think Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, you might get the picture- and you better believe no one puts his girls in a corner.

Are you drooling yet? Sorry ladies, this stud is not on the market. In fact, he dates one of our favorite out-of-town friends. They are a perfect fit. We happen to be very glad he chose one of our best friends to be his better half, because let’s face it, we are tough critics. It helps that we may have loved her before we loved him. (shh… Don’t tell anybody.)

American heroes, make room. Dos Equis has got nothing on our “most interesting man.” He doesn’t always pick a favorite city, but when he does you can bet it’s paved with cobblestone. #MCMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.30.14 PM


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