Left Swipe, Right Swipe, and Running Out of (con)Tinders

Where the heck did Tinder come from?

Like that homeschooled daughter-of-zoologists turned Queen Bee, Tinder has completely Cady Heron-ed everyone I know. I’d like to shake the hand of the dreamer who created the social media wild fire that is this app.

There is a 3/5 participation rate in the Cobblestone Diaries realm, although all of us have fallen victim to the Tinder toss game (thank you Apple TV AirPlay mirroring & a couple bottles of Pinot). And while the jury is still out on the  “It’s like real life, but better” claim on their homepage, we do have a couple of questions and comments for the new (ish) kid on the social platform block.


Right, we get that the app is a total ego-booster. The “we matched!” effect is almost as good as a well-played pick up line…almost. But, lets talk age-appropriateness. There is no party foul worse than the intersection of which horizontal direction to categorize a 16 year old. If you are in high school, chances are you attend school every day with anyone who could even remotely have potential to be a romantic interest. You do not need an app to meet the kid on the other side of the lunchroom. (and guess what) College is upon you, my friend! Meeting people is not a problem in your deck of cards…yet. BEWARE: like highlighting your hair, you can never go back.


Said unnamed CSD member: “Can’t do brunch, I’m meeting up with Beau.”

Said the other four women in the room “Who is Beau?”

Every follow-up question about his job, hobbies and alma mater is purely out of politeness (we were all raised by Southern women). The real question we all want to ask is “How did you meet?” A quick diagnostic on our thoughts would show a host of “You didn’t meet him at Midtown last Saturday.” “We only talked to ourselves at that baseball game.” “We know everyone you work with.”

CONCLUSION: this “scheduling conflict” is brought to you by Tinder.

TAKE AWAY: Maybe Tinder should develop a sub-app to create believable, situational “how we met stories.” 


This is a real thing. It is actually possible to have out-swiped every potential match within a 50-mile radius of your location. A fact we discovered when another unnamed CSD member hit a blank screen. Thus, putting “there are no good guys left” into a literal sense.  So choose wisely. There is a swipe-expiration count on that orange flame, and no  “Edit-Undo”- at least until the next romance-at-a-click sensation makes its big debut.


Tinder Moments courtesy of Cobblestone Diaries: final




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