CAN HE HANG? The question we love to hate.

If you know anyone who has spent any significant time in Charleston, they will tell you your first summer in the Holy City is one you will never forget. It’s a right of passage that puts rushing to shame (yes- we were all Greek). But the fraternity that is Charleston young professionals is an animal all it’s own. Equal parts busy and invigorating, May is the month where it begins.

One look at Natalie’s color-coordinated calendar and your head would be spinning. The esoteric nature of Cobblestone Diaries is that we stay busy. Love it, or hate it- understanding this basic principle determines the “CAN HANG” title. We embrace the “see ya when I see ya,” mentality, someone not updating Wiggio could be our favorite  #firstworldproblem, and we LOVE boys who plan ahead.

Our May line-up is a constant deluge of brunch, beach and birthdays (hello, quarter of a century!). This year’s headliners include Waterball, First Flush Festival, a couple of graduations, maybe a wedding or two- oh, and we are playing kickball. It is also the season for Thursdays at the Joe and Friday’s Party at the Point. And all of this miraculously fits outside the realm of our 9-5’s. It could be the 8th world wonder.

When it comes to significant others, we have found boys who work hard and play hard are the perfect fit. We have also found that some really great guys don’t quite have a Cobblestone Diaries shaped hole in their hearts.  Call us too independent, call us impossible; we call it well-balanced. We all have vastly different tastes in men, but the one thing that remains constant is the most impressive gentlemen in our lives are experts at juggling family, friends and work. They know weekend block-offs require a heads up, they get creative with Monday night spontaneity, we love (and respect) their bromances, they look great in a suit and they all come with a killer shag step. A well-kept secret: The innate ability to “join the fun” also makes them first priority when it comes to calendar conflicts.

Yeah, yeah. We know, it’s a complicated order. But for the man who gets a four-way thumbs up from the brunch table, the odds are ever in his favor.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.11.41 PM


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