The Fab Five

Memorable personalities across the literary world have indulged the tradition of owning a pseudonym, a stage name of sorts. Just as Superman would be nowhere without Clark Kent, our stories are best told with nods to the streets that they take place on.

And as long as we are solving crime, that may just be the perfect lens from which to introduce our characters.

DISCLAIMER: We have not, and do not ever plan on being in a bar fight. However, should we find ourselves in the middle of controversy, this is one team I would absolutely bet on.

Cue Dual Identities:

Porter Tradd: Audacious. Competent. Convicted. Porter is the authority on dominating every aspect of her life. See Also: Fearless.

In our hypothetical bar, she would be the first one to throw a punch- for injustice of course. Highly proficient and resolute she is often the most unwavering of our quintet.

Kleckley Legare: Fiercely loyal. Amongst so many other defining assets, this lady’s innate ability to be the glue is amazing. Loved by everyone around her, she’s always in your corner.

After that first punch, you can find her instantly at Porter’s side. She is the support system of Cobblestone Diaries with the instinctive ability to both build bridges, and if needed, burn them down. “Got your back” doesn’t quite do it justice, but you get the picture.

Natalie Calhoun: A spacial and visual pro. Something about Natalie just feels like home. Whether she is giving you life advice, or making pantone color decisions on everything from wardrobe to curtains, she makes creativity and passion look effortless.

While Porter and Kleckley are defending the family (name that movie reference), she is containing the situation. Sometimes that means moving a table out of the way because safety is always first. Other times she is keeping the bouncer occupied. When it is all said and done, she will make sure you walk out looking somewhat put together and have the most hilarious perspective on the situation at brunch the next morning.

Jenni Rutledge: Jenni is our trump card. “Not possible” is not in her vocabulary. Highly intellectual with a taste for the finer things in life, she sets herself apart by her uncanny ability to accomplish high intensity tasks- in a pair of Louboutins.

After casually setting down her champagne flute, she is making her way to the bar to order a round in celebration of our inevitable victory and then calling a tinted window chauffeur to deliver us safely home.

Lowndes Prescott: Storyteller. I get the honor of painting you a portrait of this amazing group of women and the legacy we hope to leave in our hometown. With any luck, I’ll tell it in a way that truly does our shenanigans justice.

Realistically, I am documenting this entire encounter. You better believe this fight has its own hashtag, photographic evidence and the biggest hype an all-girl bar fight has ever seen. Additionally, a gift of words goes a long way with the police officer & squad car waiting outside. And, if someone actually ends up in the backseat, the Instagram description will probably read “those blue lights really bring out the freedom in your eyes.”



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